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Aeon - The Vaneon Valkyrie

This character took 4 days to make due to time constraints with the game project and other assignments.

Aeon is a 3D character I've worked for my 3rd Year Uni Game Project, Affinity: Aeon Rising. If you'd like to have a look or download the game check out:

For this character I've modeled her in Maya, then sculpted markings on her armour in Mudbox.
After Mudbox I baked her high and low poly models in Substance Painter to receive ID, Curvature and AO maps.
I then used substance painter's smart materials to quickly create metal weathering on her armour which is such a powerful feature.
I created some substances in designer to use in painter and finished off the cloth alpha maps in photoshop.
Finally rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Matthew dizon screenshot025
Matthew dizon aeon render
Matthew dizon affinity aeon rising poster
Matthew dizon aurora of aeon
Matthew dizon aeon wallpaper