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Check out my Github Homepage that shows most of my Source Code for various projects:

Demo Reel

Affinity: Aeon Rising
This is my 3rd Year Project as a student from Griffith University. I was the only programmer for this RPG turn based game. Made with Unity. If you are interested in downloading the game, you can download from this website:

You can check out my source code of Affinity: Aeon Rising from Github:

My Favourite Script:
(Manages everyones spawns, turns and other actions in Combat and recieves messages to change scenes when combat has started or finished)

I also had to take on the full role of UI Designer and Programmer to create the UI. Throughout the whole project I've had to design and recreate the whole User Interface 3 times because readability was a very difficult task for turn based RPGs. It turns out the UI was the greatest challenge to this project and took way longer than anticipated. 

Eidolesse Project

Project Affinity Github Source Code:

Virtual Kombat

Virtual Kombat Github Source Code:

Glitched Soul

Glitched Soul Github Source Code:

Daeva Sanctorum

Daeva Sanctorum Github Source Code:

Terrain Toon Parallax Shader